Techno Metal Industrie’s philosophy is based on a series of values present from the beginning of the activity. These values have contributed to constant development while maintaining a working harmony.

Customer satisfaction at the heart of our concerns

Techno Metal Industrie’s customers are mainly general contractors who subcontract the metal part of their orders.

Techno Metal Industrie plays a major role in supporting its customers, not only in the delivery and placement of steel constructions in the narrow sense of the term. Techno Metal Industrie’s research office plays a key role in providing value added to customers.

In addition, Techno Metal Industrie aims at quality to ensure contracts without cumbersome, with a goal of “zero conflict” in the relationship with its customers.

Quality on a daily end-to-end basis

Techno Metal Industrie wishes to ensure end-to-end responsibility in its markets, by involving its teams at each stage:

Study office

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its role is essential to find solutions, optimize costs for customers and ensure overall feasibility, including transportation and installation

Design office


it validates what will have to be produced and designs it

Production in Seilles workshops


it ensures the quality of the constructions

On-site assembly


it carries out the assembly and installation on site

With the exception of surface treatments (painting and hot-dip galvanizing), everything is carried out by Techno Metal Industrie, which assumes 100% responsibility and responsibility for the market of its customers.

This end-to-end approach allows Techno Metal Industrie to aim for greater customer satisfaction, by involving customers from the study stage, by better controlling costs and by controlling deadlines. In addition, compliance with standards is required to explain an approach aimed at “zero litigation” with satisfied customers.


An endogenous development

Techno Metal Industrie continues to develop in three geographical areas:

  • Remain a major player in the sector in Wallonia and Brussels,
  • Intensify interventions in Luxembourg,
  • Develop activities in France and Flanders.

This development aims to perpetuate and consolidate the company and employment.

A coherent and motivating management

Techno Metal Industrie’s management has a particularly strong technical background. Nevertheless, it has become multidisciplinary by allowing everyone to develop according to their aspirations.

The team in charge of day-to-day management is very complementary. The agreement of the management team is the guarantee of global coherence and a necessary condition for the company’s development.