The construction of metal frames occupies a significant part of Techno Metal Industrie’s activities (more than 5,000 tons annually).

A distinction must be made between the construction of heavy industrial frames and residential and shopping center frames. Techno Métal Industrie works mainly for general companies, for the design, manufacture and installation of metal frames from 20 tons.


Construction of heavy industrial metal frames

Heavy industrial frames have a functional vocation and aesthetics is secondary. In the case of industrial steel structures, the connections between structures are less fine because the design or aesthetics are not relevant, or less relevant.

Manufacture of residential and shopping centre metal frames

Unlike heavy metal frames for industry, metal structures in a residential building or shopping centre open to the general public are generally prepared by an architect. The architect wishes to bring an important touch to the design and aesthetics.

The architect or engineer-architect therefore has an essential role in this case. He will want connection nodes between thinner structural elements, with a rather refined design. In this case, the collaboration between the architect, the design office and Techno Métal Industrie is essential to ensure that the aesthetic objectives are fully achieved, while respecting technical constraints and within a reasonable budget.

Centre commercial DOCKS BRUXSEL – Structure métallique

Structure métallique pour le nouveau centre commercial DOCKS BRUXSEL
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Charpentes métalliques

Metal frames and overlappings

More and more often, Techno Metal Industrie’s draftsmen and designers are invited to design the metal frame and the roofing and overlapping simultaneously.

This may be the case for lighter frames that are sometimes glazed.

Boxes de stockage zone portuaire de Vaulx-Antoing

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Charpentes métalliques

The business is moving towards overlappings and roof coverings. It is also a request from the general contractor that leads Techno Metal Industrie’s design office to design complete solutions, both in manufacturing and installation.

Building Information Modelling applied to metal frame

Techno Metal Industrie is very attentive to the quality and evolution of its sector. BIM or Building Information Modelling is one of these developments. The 3D design carried out by Techno Métal Industrie’s design and drawing office can be shared with all stakeholders to ensure even more qualitative building designs. This is an additional step to increase customer satisfaction in the construction of metal frames, especially if the structure is complex.


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