Techno Metal Industrie generally works exclusively for general contractors who subcontract the metal part of the administration’s specifications to Techno Metal Industrie. The principals are generally Infrabel, TUC Rail, SPW, Sofico, STIB, TEC, etc.

Bridges, footbridges, drawbridges and bowstrings

Techno Metal Industrie’s design office plays a key role in the preparation of the construction of the structure. Whether the client’s specifications are successful or not, the design office must study in detail the manufacture, means of assembly, transport or even the assembly study for the installation.

Each case is different and each specification will have its own specificities that will make it special: bridge, footbridge, bow-string, drawbridge, etc.

The design office’s thinking will of course have an impact on the cost of manufacture, transport and installation. The construction of engineering structures requires advanced processes and techniques in which quality and quality control play an essential role.

In some cases, depending on the relative share of metal fabrication, Techno Metal Industrie works in a temporary partnership with a general contractor partner.

Pont-levis de Ath

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Ouvrages d'art

Références en ouvrages d’art de Techno Métal Industrie

  • Brug E42 Nimy-Blaton
  • Brug op de centrale school in Clausen
  • Loopbrug over de Vesdre in Chaudfontaine
  • Loopbrug over de RN30 in Luik
  • Passerelle au dessus de la RN30 à Liège
  • Passerelle sur la Vesdre à Chaudfontaine
  • Pont école centrale à Clausen
  • Pont E42 Canal Nimy-Blaton
  • Pont à Ponts à Tournai
  • Werken voor het GEN Anderlecht
  • Loopbrug boven de Ourthe in La Roche
  • Loopbrug van Herbatte in Namur