Techno Metal Industrie designs, manufactures and installs industrial, domestic and apartment building metalwork. The distinction between these products depends on the profile of the client.

Techno Metal Industrie is the only Walloon company approved in class 7 for ironwork.

Industrial metalwork

echno Metal Industrie designs, manufactures and installs ironwork solutions for industry. These are industrial railings, stairs, raised floors, passage guards, emergency stairs.

IKEA Anderlecht et Arlon Ferronneries et escaliers de secours

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Industrial metalwork is essentially functional.

Charpente de la station d’épuration AIDE de Hermalle-Sous-Argenteau

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At the intersection between industrial and domestic ironwork is ironwork for bridges and civil engineering. These are both industrial solutions and architectural or decorative design. Railings for bridges and civil engineering are good examples.

Ironwork in apartment buildings and domestic ironwork

In the case of domestic ironwork, the architect plays an important role in favouring the aesthetics that give the building an extra character and value. This includes work on stairs, railings, handrails, balcony partitions, suspended balconies, interior ironwork, etc.

Techno Metal Industrie’s design office collaborates with the architect to ensure that the project meets aesthetic objectives while meeting safety expectations. The architects’ requirements advance the design and push the work of the design office further

Techno Metal Industrie often combines multiple materials for its work, including steel, wood, stainless steel, glass, corten steel and aluminum.

The fusion of ideas between the architects and the design office is also required for contemporary constructions such as the suspended balconies of large apartment buildings. Techno Metal Industrie has designed prefabricated balconies with sealing sheet, wooden floor, adequate thermal cuts, water recovery and disposal. These prefabricated balconies are also very aesthetically pleasing, since the load is taken over by roof, which allows to remove any anchor or. See the reference of prefabricated suspended balconies of the Universalis apartment building.

Technologically, this fusion of ideas with the architects is very enriching and allows to design new solutions that are both aesthetic, cheaper to pose and faster for the construction planning. The design office of Techno Metal Industrie also uses the techniques of Building Information Modelling to fully design its 3D plans.

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