“The two most important things don’t appear on the company’s balance sheet: its reputation and its people”

Henry Ford, 1863-1947

A solid team focused on its customers

With 91 employees in 2018, Techno Metal Industrie has built a solid and well-trained team. Techno Metal Industrie’s staff is a real asset for the company.

The team is divided into the main functions of the company as follows (full-time equivalents) :

Distribution of staff

  • Atelier
  • Chantier
  • Bureau de dessin
  • Service commercial
  • Ressources humaines
  • Service technique
  • Direction

Growth while maintaining values

The growth of Techno Metal Industrie’s activities has been accompanied by the development of its personnel, both in number and skills.

Growth has not prevented the company from maintaining family values that still “unite” the group, as in the early days.

Evolution of the number of employees since 1996

Evolution of turnover since 1996

Our men testify