Certifications are at the heart of Techno Metal Industrie’s core business. They guarantee the quality of work. They require constant quality management. They are a testimony to the dynamism of the company and its staff.

Approval of work contractors

Techno Metal Industrie has the following approvals in terms of works:


Sanitary and gas heating systems for individual appliances


Central heating and thermal installations


Pipeline installations



7F + 7F2

Steel construction companies – metal frames

Classe 7

amount of the building site up to 5.330.000€.

European standards

Techno Metal Industrie has the following welding certifications:


Welding activities according to the European standard


2008 + A1 : 2011


Runtime classes up to EXC4

Infrabel – welding

Techno Metal Industrie benefits from an Infrabel approval for automatic welding of all types of cords.

Welding engineering diploma – other welding certifications

An engineer from the Techno Metal Industrie team has obtained the diploma of International Welding Engineer.

Techno Metal Industrie also has other welding certifications:

  • Coordination knowledge in welding (EWF), EN 1092-2′, class EXC2,
  • Magnetic testing level 1 & 2 (Vinçotte), EN473, ISO 9712, SNT-TC-1A (ASNT).